Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2012 Where did it GO!

Can't believe 2012 went by so fast;  we are already in March of 2013!! Where does time go. Tanya and I have been staying busy with work and of course adventures!! 2012 had fewer races but no less excitement! We had the opportunity to visit the Havasupai Indian reservation twice in 2012, and both visits will be adventures not soon forgotten. This place in the middle of the Arizona desert is a special oasis with beauty almost unbelievable. Visiting there was like walking back into time, a place of quiet relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of our modern world. Supai (village name) was a place to unwind, were the clock stops and days feel like weeks; no phones, no TVs, no computers, no electricity. Just you and a few other souls looking for an escape, for time away; away from what has become our reality. A reality of non stop information, consumerism, vanity, capitalism, overindulgence, waste, greed, murder, entitlement, lies, over eating, under loving, stress, and preventable disease. But there in Supai, if you are able to let go, and accept that life can be so simple. The basic necessities water, food, shelter, and companionship are all we need to thrive; then a few days in Supai will revived you. It will energize your mind and soul. It will humble you, as you are made to think about how much you take for granted how much you waste. It may change your life!
But enough said enjoy a few of our photo's. Life is wonderful!! Love Marc and Tanya

Take note Tanya's hair signifies the 2 different trips :)

We just came back from six days of what we call total bliss and relaxation. Six days of camping and hiking; we explored trails of the Grand Canyon and the amazing blue waterfalls of the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Words will not do Justice to the beauty of what we experienced, so I will let pictures to the talking. enjoy!! Marc and Tanya

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Steelman Challange

So let me begin, I was surprised Tanya and I hadn't posted a race report, a story, or anything since May 2011. It is past due ! its time to share a report. Though we haven't posted we have been active; in the time since May we not only have been training consistently but have also managed to participate in a few races. Let me list them. The Las Vegas Triathon "Olympic Distance", next year we step up to the "Half Iron" distance. We ran the High Desert Ultra Marathon, and also the Calico Ghost Town Ultra Marathon.

I'm going to be honest with the poor economy, and the ever increasing registration fees for races, we have curtailed our entries. There was a time when Tanya and I ran a marathon or an ultra a month and sometimes two; not anymore its' just two expensive. One Hundred and fifty dollars to run a marathon!! Crazy!! We both could run for that price!!!.... only a few short years ago..But anyway.....

The "Inaugural" STEELMAN SPRINT TRIATHLON CHALLENGE took place Sunday February 19th in Fontana California. The event was coined as a family event that boasted a reverse triathlon, and a 5K run as the challenge. The triathlon started with a 5K run followed by a hilly 12 mile ride, then finished with a 100 meter swim. The 5K run ran simultaneously with the triathlon. I would like to give Kudos to the race director(RD) "Ray Allard and his staff of volunteers" for an inaugural event everything went smoothly like a well oiled machine. From packet pickup to the the awards presentations everything ran smoothly. Additionally to Tanya and I participating in the event, 3 of our fitness clients also participated. Which included Ray Allard (RD); Kiana Webb and Kyle Webb; way to step up to the challenge!! Each shared excitement for what was accomplished (Kiana and Kyle Triathlon first timers!!!!), and already look forward to participation in more triathlon and running events!!!

See your on the Trails.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whats up next?

It is now November 3, 2011 and I never posted the below post, Tanya and I have been so busy. We have still exploring and having all types of adventures. I will begin posting on the regular soon, and will bring everyone up to day on our explorations and many races :))
It is hard to believe it is already June 2011 and I haven't posted since November 2010. But Tanya and I are still enjoying life and clocking the miles. Much has happened in our lives and families, but this is not the forum to go into detail; and not what you probably want to read about anyway. To get you right up to speed on our endurance endeavors; we have shifted gears of late; in the past we have used cycling and mountain biking as cross training to improve our running; but that seems to be the opposite now. With the dream of competing in Kona together one day at the Ironman we have been logging many,many mile on our bikes. On Saturday May 1, we rode the Temecula Challenge which is touted as an extremely tough century with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain. In a Comparison of other great rides there are only 3 other races in California with more total gain in elevation. What attracted us to this event was the fact that is was a 2 day challenge. The Century on Saturday followed by a Sprint Triathlon on Sunday; but sadly the Triathlon was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

Being our first Century we didn't exactly what to expect, but barring no technical difficulties we were confident that we would complete to ride in the allotted 11 hour cutoff. Besides it was not a race it was a ride, though there was a time trial on the climb up Mt. Palomar the highest point and longest climb of the ride. In 2009 this was Stage 8 of the Amgen Tour of California, we looked forward to giving our best effort on this climb.

We had an fun but challenging day, the hills never did seem to end, but other then a few close calls with vehicles and a flat tire at miles 96!! We had an incredible day.

I woke up Sunday a little tired and a little sore. Nothing like the agony I sometimes experience the day after a 50 mile trail race. So I got to thinking why not ride the L'Etape Du California

which was the next Saturday. So Monday I woke up feeling great !

Much more to come soon!!!!!!!!!